Topics Covered by the Summer School

The purpose of the summer school is to provide theoretical foundations for research and development and practical examples of telemedicine technologies, applications and services by covering in detail the following topics:

1. Wearable, implantable sensor devices and systems

2. Communication links for biomedical telemetry

3. Body Area Networks, Energy Scavenging approaches and energy management in sensor systems and networks

4. Data collection and management at hubs, mobile devices and gateways

5. Computer-aided decision making, Data mining, Decision support methods and systems, Knowledge discovery and management

6. Accuracy, reliability, security, protection, identity, privacy, of diagnoses and data

7. m-health, p-health, u-health, e-health systems, deployment issues

8. Applications of telemedicine, implemented solutions

9. Challenges in telemedicine services and implementations.  



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